An Adventure with Joshua and Rocky the Otter

Rocky the Otter Teaches the Value of Friendship

We all have the courage within us, though it is not always easy for us to see it ourselves. Sometimes we need someone to help us find courage.

In An Adventure with Joshua and Rocky the Otter, an adventurous tale from award-winning author Lori L. Howell, Joshua helps Rocky to find his courage to swim far out into the ocean. It is something Rocky should do naturally, but he is too frightened. Suddenly, the hot air balloon goes faster and faster, and the wind causes the basket to spin. Joshua is tossed onto the rocks. Now Joshua must trust Rocky as they embark on a dangerous adventure that will change their lives forever.

Friendships can grow out of many circumstances, including fear. But was this adventure a reality or a dream?


“We are picky about the books we give our Grandchildren. This book and others that Lori Howell Thompson has written are excellent. Our Grandchildren all so love this book and her others. Already anticipating the next.”

~ Amazon Reader