By Lori Howell


Drama Thriller Mystery

Chance of Redemption ~ Web of Deceit ~ Revenge

The Setup ~ The Black Rose ~ DNA Mystery

Live Bait ~ Mirror Mirror on the Wall


“Reflections” is a terrifically exciting pulse-pounding mystery that entwines you in suspense.

In Atlantic City, there are three murders; there are secrets and a serial killer that are all connected which horrifically changes a prominent doctor’s life.

Best Selling Author

Lori Howell

Lori creates characters for her stories; she wants them to come alive and her paintings are to mesmerize the observer. Her genre is portraits, landscapes, seascapes, nature, waves, mixed media, and illustrations for a published children’s book.

Lori is an Award-winning artist. Enjoys painting landscapes, seascapes, nature, and creating murder scenes within a painting. Loves to create paintings to “Tell the Tale”.

Other Books

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We all have courage within us, though it is not always easy for us to see it ourselves. Sometimes we need someone to help us find courage. Joshua helps Rocky to find his courage to swim far out into the ocean as they embark on a dangerous adventure that will change their lives forever.

An Adventure With Joshua and Hoppy Frog

An Adventure with Joshua and Hoppy Frog

In this delightful tale, a young boy befriends an unlucky frog, helping him find self-worth. Joshua and Hoppy embark upon an exciting adventure of self-discovery, during which Hoppy begins to recognize the many special qualities he possesses and his importance in the world.